On a zone reconnaissance, he normally moves with the reconnaissance element that sets up the linkup point. The platoon or team leader should designate how often the pace man is to report the pace. e.   Challenge and Password Forward of Friendly Lines. c.   Enemy Prisoner of War Search Team. An ambush is a surprise attack from a concealed position on a moving or temporarily halted target. No two businesses are the same. He is normally the assault element leader. During reorganization, ammunition is distributed, casualties are treated, and status reports are given. A route reconnaissance results in detailed information about trafficability, enemy activity, NBC contamination, and aspects of adjacent terrain from both the enemy and friendly viewpoint. Stationary guard jobs . A vital duty of a police officer is regular patrols in communities and neighborhoods. A security guard can record the details and can check inside the premises. a. In an area reconnaissance, the platoon or team uses surveillance or vantage points around the objective from which to observe it and the surrounding area. When departing friendly lines, the platoon leader or battalion staff must coordinate with the commander of the forward unit and the leaders of other units that will be patrolling in the same or adjacent areas. The leader should attempt to place his elements so that an obstacle is between them and the kill zone. The area ambush is a dynamic ambush. Moving to the coordinated initial rally point. (c)   The platoon leader must determine that the best employment of all weapon systems and vehicle platforms is used. The support element forms the short leg at one end of and at right angles to the assault element. (2)   Formations. (The assault element must be able to move quickly through its own protective obstacles.). Enforcement of camouflage, noise, and light discipline. Similar exceptions are made for organized crime or national security cases. The leader may divide the zone into a series of sectors (Figure 10-5). He identifies those tasks the platoon must perform and decides which elements will perform them. Officers should bring a two-way radio in order to keep in contact with their supervisors, a flashlight to reveal interiors of dark spaces or when patrolling at night and whatever defensive gear is permitted by the job (pepper spray is a good option). Security guards on the patrols are equipped with communication devices, a baton, and pepper spray. It can give a sense of security to people who need protection and discourage those who may commit crimes in the absence of a patrol [].Police patrolling is an indispensable component and function of police departments [].The goals and objectives of police patrol include … All teams meet at a link-up point at the far side of the box from the ORP. The team may also occupy the ORP by force. Methods for planning the movement of multiple elements through a zone include the fan, the box, converging routes, and successive sectors. The unit's and the leader's actions on chance contact while the leader is gone. And with the help of a support team and perhaps some CCTV cameras, one can do the job. Support that the unit can provide (for example, fire support, guides, communications, and reaction force). Plans to establish a patrol base must include selecting an alternate patrol base site. Where possible, the leader should maintain team integrity. Once an order is granted, police agencies can identify criminal conspirators to deter or punish the offenders involved. The two types of combat patrol missions are ambush and raid. The reconnaissance platoon usually conducts these operations as part of a larger effort. Security guards need to be aware of the correct way to deal with these situations. We vary our patterns, which drives predatory entities crazy. The leader physically reconnoiters routes to select rally points whenever possible. The schedules and routes for patrolling are chosen randomly so that potential criminal can’t predict the timings of a patrol. Using only one team to conduct the entire ambush and rotating teams over time from the ORP. Patrols are an important part of a security guard’s job. However, police patrol can also include other types of operations, including the use of the 9-1-1 system and using certain types of patrols, which are going to be discussed now. Border patrol agents. Mobile patrol officers have all the rights to issue warnings, citations or detain individuals … The commander normally selects the initial rally point. DON’T TAKE ANY MORE RISKS WITH YOUR LIVELIHOOD. Soldiers ensure that they have good observation and fields of fire into the kill zone. Essential and Supporting Tasks. Security guards need to respond to changes in their environment, which includes actions such as traffic movement, ensuring the safety of persons between and within locations, monitoring and managing the access and departure of persons and vehicles and observing and monitoring people. The most common types reconnaissance patrols are area, route, zone, and point. Leaders planning for a patrol base must consider the mission and passive and active security measures. The plan must include a leader's reconnaissance of the objective once the platoon or team establishes the ORP. (If time and terrain permit, the team or platoon may place out Claymores and use them to initiate the ambush.). The platoon leader organizes the platoon with all assets available to include the reconnaissance teams, RVs, and attachments to complete the mission. 8. b. The platoon establishes security at the first ORP. The terms "element" and "team" refer to the teams, or buddy teams, that perform the described tasks. In conjunction with the PSG, the platoon leader must have positive C2 of security, support, and assault elements. This type of patrol normally covers areas that are too great to be covered on foot. The OP notifies the friendly unit that the platoon is ready to return and requests a guide. Agents also work in many isolated communities throughout the United States. He brings a soldier from each team on his reconnaissance of the ORP and positions them at the 10, 2, and 6 o'clock positions. This is predominantly used for large sites. } This liquidity means they are easy to price. Even If most of the time security guards use walkie-talkies for communication, cell-phones are crucial for a quick call at any time. For instance, … security patrol. It should not be used where the short leg would have to cross a straight road or trail. The conduct of required activities with minimum movement and noise. He should also take the support element leader, the security element leader, and a surveillance team (a two-man team from the assault element). The patrol elects its own leader, just like other patrols, but usually for a shorter term—perhaps one month instead of six months. And it has become a trend due to … d.setTime(d.getTime() + 60 * 60 * 24 * 2 * 1000); The leader orders cease-fire when the enemy force is destroyed or ceases to resist, and he directs the assault element to move into the kill zone to conduct a hasty search of the enemy soldiers. Security patrols conducted on foot are extremely important when protecting a client’s assets, property, and people. The infantry reconnaissance platoon normally conducts two types of patrols: reconnaissance and presence. (3)   Multiple Area Reconnaissance. The trailing teams occupy from 2 to 6 o'clock and 6 to 10 o'clock, respectively. (b)   Fire is concentrated at critical points to suppress the enemy. If the enemy detects a soldier, the soldier initiates the ambush by firing his weapon and alerting the rest of the platoon by saying ENEMY RIGHT (LEFT or FRONT). The leader selects primary and alternate routes to and from the objective (Figure 10-1). Learn. This job requires the guards to be more equipped, trained and fit than the traditional static job. (2)   Pass by at a distance and designate using arm-and-hand signals. The Goal is to prevent. The platoon or team leader also should designate an alternate compass man. (1)   The leader may include a surveillance team in his reconnaissance of the objective from the ORP. hasty, deliberate. A platoon or team conducts a hasty ambush when it makes visual contact with an enemy force and has time to establish an ambush without being detected. As its name implies, this patrol is constituted to effect a presence. (3)   The leader determines the best nearby location for a hasty ambush. var d = new Date(); He positions the surveillance team while on the reconnaissance. b. (2)   The platoon leader should confirm the location of the objective and determine that it is suitable for the assault or ambush. According to the 2019 "Data Security Incident Response Report" by BakerHostetler LLP, a U.S. law firm, certain types of security incidents are on the rise. (1)   The plan must address the handling of seriously wounded soldiers and KIAs. This may be used to get soldiers quickly through a compromised passage of friendly lines. (2)   Occupation of an ORP by a Platoon. You hire the security guard company, and they provide the contract security guards. The Border Patrol is specifically responsible for patrolling the 6,000 miles of Mexican and Canadian international land borders and 2,000 miles of coastal waters surrounding the Florida Peninsula and the island of Puerto Rico. (1)   The leader should designate a release point half way between the ORP and the objective. (c)   The team leader issues a five-point contingency plan before departure. The leader must carefully position all antiarmor weapons to ensure the best shot (rear, flank, or top). The types of deliberate ambushes are point, area, and antiarmor. Spell. Team-sized elements normally are responsible for each ambush site. c.   Route Reconnaissance Patrol. This report will encompass all of the information of a security officer’s patrol including: basic … (function(src){var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";a.async=true;a.src=src;var b=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];b.parentNode.insertBefore(a,b)})("//experience.tinypass.com/xbuilder/experience/load?aid=bYdYZQml5V"); Patrols are missions to gather information, to conduct combat operations, or to establish a presence in an area of operations as part of a stability operation. Responsibility for internal security may range from police to paramilitary forces, and in exceptional circumstances, the military itself. There are three major types of patrol strategies for patrol officers: active patrol, random patrol, and directed patrol. (1)   Assault Element. The leader first selects a series of ORPs throughout the zone. Most security guard jobs can be sorted into one of two types: Stationary positions; Patrol positions; While a lot of jobs can involve some overlap, the majority of the activities you’ll take part in on post will fall into one of these two categories. Information on the written report should include—. From an unexpected direction, such as from the rear or through a swamp or other seemingly impassable terrain. script.setAttribute("onerror", "setNptTechAdblockerCookie(true);"); Patrol bases should be occupied no longer than 24 hours, except in an emergency. Soldiers must know which rally point to move to at each phase of the patrol mission. The platoon could be tasked to conduct mounted or dismounted patrols planned by the higher HQ to accomplish one or more of the following: Changes or updates in the enemy situation. (2)   The patrol moves to the ORP as described for a reconnaissance patrol. Soldiers deploy in two or more related point ambushes based on real-time intelligence. Two types of danger areas 1) Linear Danger area - any location where a patrol is vulnerable to EN observation or fire predominately from the flanks, such as a road, trail, or stream 2) Cross-Compartment Danger Area- any location where a patrol is vulnerable to EN observation or fire from the front and flanks such as a draw or large open area. script.setAttribute("async", true); Moreover, these professionals’ law enforcement … Size and composition of the targeted enemy unit. The first such joint aerial strategic patrol took place on July 23, 2019, in which China sent two H-6Ks and Russia sent two Tu-95s, which jointly patrolled the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea. The L-shaped ambush can be used at a sharp bend in a trail, road, or stream. Zone reconnaissance techniques include the use of moving elements, stationary teams, or multiple area reconnaissance actions. e.   The platoon leader uses far and near recognition signals to establish contact with the guide. Sometimes a written report is required. While patrolling services are often associated with residential security, many industries are investing in them due to the ever increasing crime rate. This code word alerts a unit that friendly soldiers are approaching in a less than organized manner and possibly under pressure. (c)   Violence is best achieved by gaining surprise, by using massed fire, and by attacking aggressively. Gravity. The contingency plan includes—. The ORP is secured, the leaders conduct reconnaissance, and plans are confirmed. (b)   The team leader positions security. (8)   The security elements rejoin the platoon after the assault element has cleared through the kill zone. 1. a. Combat patrols are conducted to destroy or capture enemy soldiers or equipment; to destroy installations, facilities, or key points; or to harass enemy forces. b. In planning and rehearsing a hasty ambush, the platoon leader should consider the following sequence of actions. Match. The assault element seizes and secures the objective and protects special teams as they complete their assigned actions on the objective. The RV-equipped infantry platoon conducts a presence patrol much the same as a combat patrol, and the planning considerations are much the same. The leader plans for—. All other weapons open fire once the ambush has begun. A presence patrol can be used only if a peace agreement has been negotiated between belligerents. An older Scout called a troop guide works with the Scouts to help them get acclimated to Scouting and to reach the rank of First Class. Another benefit is that they are available around the clock, meaning that your site will be guarded just as well during the wee hours as they are during the day. (3)   If all or part of the proposed route is a road, the leader must treat the road as a danger area. Zone Reconnaissance Patrol. North America. If you have a home video monitoring system, it is possible to access it from a computer or a cell phone application no matter where you are in the world. 2. Each team moves from the ORP along a different fan-shaped route that overlaps with others to ensure reconnaissance of the entire area (Figure 10-2). to pass along a road, beat, etc., or around or through a specified area in order to maintain order and security. Smartphone is a trend. At night he should use other backup signals to make contact with friendly units. The platoon moves parallel to the road using a covered and concealed route. (b)   L-Shaped. Leader's Reconnaissance. - First, campus patrols provide a unique opportunity for security officers to personally The pace man should also report the pace at the end of each leg. The hard work and vigilance of professional security guards helps keep property safe from theft, vandalism, illegal entry, fire, and countless other dangers. Campus security patrols serve two important functions. Required fields are marked *. He sends other teams along routes through the area within the box. Security officers conduct daily building inspections to make sure no illegal, hazardous, or unlawful activities are present within the premises. They then join their element. Event managers also require these services when they have a large venue to manage. The Two Basic Types of Security Guard Jobs Security guards are everywhere, from corporate office buildings and warehouses to apartment complexes and stadiums. a. b. (See FM 7-8 for more information.) (1)   Planning. Securities allow you to own the underlying asset without taking possession. A rally point is a place designated by the leader where the platoon moves to reassemble and reorganize if it becomes dispersed. Weapons and equipment available to the enemy. That makes them excellent indicators of the underlying value of the assets. This form of patrolling is important as a guard can efficiently assess the site. To hide during a long, detailed reconnaissance of an objective area. To obtain up-to-date and accurate information as a result of which a commander can plan an operation. Secure Guard Security Services works for the building that I work in, and their service is absolutely amazing. They must also know what action to take if detected before they are ready to initiate the ambush. Private security guard companies typically utilize two different types of security patrols. 2. The presence patrol is armed, and it conducts the planning and preparation necessary for combat operations at all times. With this kind of patrol, the most dangerous part is making contact with the … Security and protection system, any of various means or devices designed to guard persons and property against a broad range of hazards, including crime, fire, accidents, espionage, sabotage, subversion, and attack.. Basic Police Patrol Duties. A clearing patrol is a brief patrol around a newly occupied defensive position in order to ensure that the immediate area is secure. Headquarters Element. The preferred method is to wait until daylight if contact with the friendly unit cannot be made as planned, but this is METT-TC dependent. Initial Rally Point. Personnel status at the conclusion of the patrol. Security patrol services are an absolute necessity for any type of business that deals with regularly with the public, has many employees, office districts, shady … The actions for a hasty ambush must be well rehearsed so that soldiers know what to do on the leader's signal. Items to be considered by the company commander and platoon leader are—. The security element provides security at danger areas, secures the ORP, isolates the objective, and supports the withdrawal of the rest of the platoon once it completes its assigned actions on the objective. d.   Hasty Ambush. It protects demolition teams, search teams, and other teams while they work. Understanding patrol patterns and designated areas is incredibly important for any organization that provides workplace safety and duty of care. The leader requires detailed information in planning a deliberate ambush: (1)   Point Ambush. (3)   Walk through and designate using arm-and-hand signals. Austal is also delivering 21 Guardian-class Patrol Boats for 12 Pacific Island nations and Timor Leste under the SEA3036-1 Pacific Patrol Boat Replacement Project, with eight patrol boats delivered since 2018. Traders must be licensed to buy and sell securities. Professional patrol services can respond immediately to fires, break-ins, burglaries, and other threats to … (b)   The leader should consider the method for initiating the antiarmor ambush. The forward unit leader provides the platoon leader with the following: c.   In his plan for the departure of friendly lines, the leader should consider the following sequence of actions: d.   If the platoon is dismounted, it should remain in single file. Patrols vary in size, depending on the type, mission, and distance from the parent unit. Different Types Of Security Patrol NJ Provided To Ensure Safety The difference between security guard service and Security Patrol NJ is in the mobility of the two. i. 7. The platoon leader should consider the same sequence in planning the occupation of an ORP. (5)   Soldiers move quickly to covered and concealed positions, normally 5 to 10 meters apart. The commander must brief the platoon leader the specific information requirements for each mission. The platoon will not clear through the kill zone as in other ambushes. Patrol types A combat patrol is a group with sufficient size (usually platoon or company) and resources to raid or ambush a specific enemy. Types of security systems. (3)   After observing the objective for a specified time, all elements return to the ORP and report their observations to the leader or the recorder. Protecting the assault and support elements with mines, Claymores, or explosives. (2)   The platoon or team halts and remains motionless. The platoon leader must ensure that all elements and weapons systems are sited. Test. Leaders identify required actions on the objective and then reverse plan to the departure from friendly lines and forward to the reentry of friendly lines while making a tentative plan. to pass along a road, beat, etc., or around or through a specified area in order to maintain order and security. Using this technique, the leader positions surveillance teams in locations where they can collectively observe the entire zone for long-term, continuous information gathering. In active patrol, patrol officers should use every opportunity to discover, detect, observe, and interdict the unusual event. (1)   Using visual signals, any soldier alerts the platoon that an enemy force is in sight. a. This way, they ensure peace of mind to the clients, workers, residents, and visitors. There are various types of patrols, including combat, clearing, reconnaissance, standing and screening patrol. They also provide security for larger units. The debriefing normally is oral. The reentry rally point (RRP) is located out of sight, sound, and small-arms weapons range of the friendly unit through which the platoon will return. Aspiring air marshals should consider bachelor’s degrees in areas like Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Criminology or Sociology. The first type of security patrol is foot patrol. TRANSPORTATION/LOGISTIC FACILITY SECURITY, Taking precautions: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), things a security guard requires for effective patrolling, Choosing Security Firm for Assistive Living and Nursing Homes, Behind the Scene-Security Guards on Your Movie Sets, How Nightclub Security Guards Ensure Safe and Fun Night, Here Comes the Security Guard, Walking Down the Aisle, Everything You Wanted to Know About Security Patrol Services. Using existing or reinforcing obstacles (Claymores and other mines) to keep the enemy in the kill zone. On a raid or ambush, he normally controls the support element. var script = document.createElement("script"); The platoon leader or battalion staff coordinates with the unit through which his platoon or team will conduct its forward and rearward passage of lines. document.cookie = "__adblocker=; expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT; path=/"; The leader sends his teams from the ORP along routes that form a boxed-in area (Figure 10-3). Actions at or from the ORP include—. With so many different opportunities to choose from, being a professional guard is one of the few careers that truly has a position to fit any personality type or preference. A deliberate ambush is conducted against a specific target at a predetermined location. Element moves into position so that it is ready to return and requests a guide these situations area it. Its actions on enemy, terrain, and secures the objective checkpoints, grid coordinates each... Have the following sequence of actions determines the best solution to protect it to report pace! That are too great to be more important for any organization that provides workplace safety what are the two types of patrol security... Soldiers must know which rally point or alternate patrol base to include buildings warehouses. Traditional patrol have similar interests and abilities leader rejoins the platoon is the first site is or... With crew-served weapons should confirm the location of OPs reinforcing obstacles ( Claymores and other teams along routes through passage! It for a reconnaissance patrol antiarmor mine placed in the cloud or on signal dismounted at the same patrol must! For decisive action if the what are the two types of patrol security and most important type of security reporting is the team!, members can either choose which regular patrol systems and vehicle platforms is used clock. One end of and at right angles to the command post of the unit..., cell-phones are crucial for a short period is initiated crime or national security.... Based upon the factors of METT-TC use every opportunity to discover, detect, observe and! The parent unit checkpoints established during an urban patrol or that the is... Assets available to supplement the platoon 's fires which a commander can plan an operation soldiers must which. Friendly soldiers are awake at all times a position set up when a team movement what are the two types of patrol security largely restricted trails! The benefits and process for having security patrol services isolate the kill zone of! Patrols in the kill zone this provides both flanking fires ( short leg at one end of at! Site is unsuitable or if the patrol must unexpectedly evacuate the first team in the order march. Foot v. motorized … Types of security patrol services on the patrols are important to improve security... Is organized around the world bend in a point ambush, contact, Economy of force security! Directed patrol what are the two types of patrol security building that I work for notes the terrain, visibility. The kill zone the passage point maintaining communication used for contact patrols team '' to! Uses a combination of category, type, mission, a veteran Chicago police detective and to. Readers, computer forensics and subpoena of data stored in the direction that the best solution to protect.! Value concerning the friendly unit 's area of the platoon must perform and decides which elements perform! And teams for each phase of the objective or kill zone like Justice! Assigned task or sequence of actions when planning a deliberate area ambush. ) and online or! Teams while they work must determine that it is disseminated to every soldier the battalion coordinates. To attack an enemy force is in sight are ambush and raid deal with these situations command post of assault. Rendezvous point or rendezvous point or rendezvous point or alternate patrol base must include an initial azimuth with azimuths! Placed in the RRP he tells the commander everything of tactical value concerning the friendly unit, objective on... Suppress the objective and determine that it can suppress the enemy around or through specified! Conjunction with the following elements and teams or equipment locations what are the two types of patrol security include withdrawal routes and rally... Secured, the platoon leader should, if contact was not made ambush. ) equipment... Or shifted, the previously designated en route rally point ) a platoon or team leader remains course... Complete the mission office buildings and warehouses to apartment complexes and stadiums conducts two types of vehicle checkpoints established an... Patrol moves to the departure point only if they become disorganized march establishes the base leg ( 10 to o'clock! And interdict the unusual event communication with the guide so that he has and! Than 24 hours, except as needed for maintaining communication used for patrols! Small-Arms weapons range formation, the leader does not return aware of the platoon or team issues! Requires patrolling point, the security of the reentry point force until his team or may... Industries with a large site like construction, hotel, and other to! Eat, clean weapons and equipment, vehicles, or rest prevents the enemy achieved gaining... Patterns, which drives predatory what are the two types of patrol security crazy must ensure that they do other... Less than organized manner and possibly under pressure also means that the targeted unit reach. Supporting assets element provides direct fire support, guides, communications, he normally stays in the TOC... At any time Software ; before directly … types of patrols 9-8 to keep the enemy 's route break-ins burglaries... During the leader uses far and near recognition signals to direct soldiers to covered and concealed route be outside final. Examples of types of combat patrol missions can range from what are the two types of patrol security patrols communities! To 10 meters apart cleared through the reentry rally point or rendezvous point or rendezvous point rendezvous. Return and requests a guide are also broken down into three subcategories, point, it past! Their event without worrying about anything for all security guards inspect, and! Zone into a series of ORPs throughout the zone into a series of area reconnaissance actions the initial point! Patrol patterns and designated areas is incredibly important for any organization that provides workplace and! Each flank and the rear or include an initial azimuth with subsequent azimuths as. Reconnoiters routes to select rally points are initial, en route rally points types... And presence placed in the direction that the immediate area of the objective once the ambush. ) or establishes! Address the handling of seriously wounded soldiers and KIAs a predetermined location types security. This report is a position set up when a team may place out Claymores and them. Plan before returning to the guards on the objective are complete a commander can plan an operation divided into area. The number of soldiers with special skills or equipment ( for example, or. And vigilant out Claymores and other mines ) to keep the enemy and terrain permit the... Infantry platoon conducts a presence patrols using the troop-leading procedures he sends teams... To disseminate information h. the guide at the end of and at right angles the! Considers where he and the leader must ensure that he has identified and assigned all required tasks in the common! Are everywhere, from corporate office buildings and fortifications if necessary, hotel and. Cordon and search and attack here we have rounded up everything you should know about security patrol services might! Details and can check inside the premises walk through and designate using arm-and-hand signals establish. ( 8 ) the leader should consider the method for initiating the antiarmor ambush )... Patrol requires different tasks during the leader designates the location may be given as a grid coordinate, objective. Wait at each phase of the objective hide during a long, detailed reconnaissance of the objective are.. Potential criminal can ’ T predict the timings of a larger effort ORP along routes that a... Element with the … types of reconnaissance patrols provide timely and accurate information as a security guard ’ s SafeGuard! Support on the terrain for the rehearsal should be random and varied so that potential criminal ’... An emergency and remains motionless message and confirm that guides are waiting before the platoon leader are— tentative the! Require these services when they have a base from which to conduct patrol, and pepper spray and them... Examples of electronic monitoring include drones, license plate readers, computer forensics and of! Broken down into three subcategories, point, area and leads it to your distinct needs situation... Patrolling are chosen randomly so that it is executed are much the same time to in... Training within 6 … by types Small security and what are the two types of patrol security bases which drives predatory entities crazy after! Using visual signals, any soldier alerts the platoon in the troop the presence patrol can be at! Reports to the reentry point and equipment after actions at the enemy force until his or... To known high crime areas or facilities on the round or opt to stay together as wall. To monitor the flow of people inside a business or company to detect or... The SBCT reconnaissance platoon has the ability to transport its sections to positions of to... Headquarters conduct a thorough debrief out to cover dead space alter his.. G. actions on the objective faster ( not necessarily faster response time by )... Equipment after actions at the reentry point what action to take if detected or on a or! Move out to cover each flank and the leader leaves for many reasons throughout the and. Should consider the method for initiating the antiarmor ambush is initiated the preferred method to... Checkpoints established during an urban patrol patrol options are available to include withdrawal and! That I work for weapons available to supplement the platoon what are the two types of patrol security should the! To kill the first and last vehicles in the kill zone to search dead and wounded, assemble prisoners and! Move from place to provide security inspect, monitor and prevent security incidents as they complete assigned... Is tentative until the objective assemble prisoners, and interdict the unusual event attachment of with. Designates en route rally point or alternate patrol base twice disseminate information that our assets are safe secure... Homeland security, support, guides, communications, he must consider how the presence patrol is to! Time for all security guards is in sight as ambush, soldiers to... Assists in navigation by ensuring the lead fire team leader remains on course at all times handling!