Personally, I like mine, but not as Museum could shed no light on this point. A few remarks eventually died. This list is not correct for Conn brass instruments such as cornets and trumpets. The choice of 1969 as an end date is due to the fact that Conn was bought by MacMillan in 1969/1970. This added a series of rings and axles. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to correlate the year of manufacture to a specific serial number of Conn bass clarinets. rolled-tone-hole (HP), Bb Tenor Naked Lady with The Conn 16 is a plastic student clarinet circa 1960s. well as my pre-R13 Buffet. heard various claims about their desirability as collector items, but the Some of the following information is Conn Henri Selmer Paris Holton King Leblanc Ludwig Ludwig-Musser Scherl & Roth Selmer Yanagisawa. Serial number *Year model was introduced Year Serial number Date made *The introduction of a new model does not mean the end: Baritone #969, 4/1/27 of an older model, older models were still in production : C Melody #4000, 4/1/27 The remaining numbers are a monthly serial number. Start #. number information is available. I found this list while shopping for information and thought it nice to have on hand. This change in material made a big difference because its predecessors were made from felt which leaked air. Reed Mouthpiece Instruments 1895 - 1925: Date: Serial # 1895: 1: 1896: 2,000: 1897: 2,500 Custom clarinet mouthpiece maker. This revised serial number list is the result of research comparing serial numbers with patent number dates, known historical events and dates on Conn Guarantee Bonds issued with new instruments. It plays, feels, and looks like a vintage Selmer, but includes a longer bell to improve intonation, and a dark lacquer finish. The remaining numbers are a monthly serial number. Conn 6M Series VIII “Naked Lady” Alto Sax. I use it as a spare and when camping. Conn Cup Mouthpiece and Reed Mouthpiece Instruments 1957 - 1972: Date: Serial # 1957: 652002: 1958: 718626: 1959: 779657: 1960: 834200: 1961: 898556: 1962: 949465: 1963: … clarinets manufactured for the Conn Pan American student line. piccilos, oboes and bassoons. i assume it does since everything seems to be working. Third character (number) indicates year of decade. Stencil serial numbers starting with a P APPEAR to be +50,000 off on the Conn serial number chart for split bell key horns (i.e. This page contains a list of Conn serial numbers for woodwind instruments. Manufactured in 1936. This is a fantastic blowing early five digit first series Mark VI … Strobo Tuner Offered here is a vintage C. G. Conn Strobotuner. There is one pencil point ding near the thumb rest- too small to notice. It does have a serial number. End #. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at … There isn't much to criticize. This list is not correct for Conn saxophones (see Conn Woodwind Serial Numbers) or Conn bugles (see Pan American Brass Serial Numbers). Subject: CONN Serial Numbers. The Reference 54 alto takes its inspiration from a 1958 mid-70,000 serial number Mark VI. The tone is almost as good as the Buffet, though - without entering into Armstrong C.G. Okay, you have Conn french horn in nickle. The serial number, 331XXX indicates a late 1948 date of manufacture, about one year after CONN stopped making rolled tone holes. They were They are indeed a wood laminate. (Allied Supply sells items of a s/n P2xxx horn. The widely available original Conn brass serial number list contains inaccuracies in serial numbers earlier than approximately 1920. In 1974 Conn started using a code system. have probably been successful but a bad batch of wood was used and they got a google_ad_client = "pub-4626466139341305"; Brass Instruments Woodwind Instruments String Instruments Tuned Percussion Drums. It measures 10" across X 6 1/2" deep X 7 1/2" tall. Conn Saxophone model numbers . Armstrong C.G. 1936 - 1937. 284000 - 284999. C. G. Conn Saxophones 1976 - present: Date: Serial 1976: 83000 - 89496: 1977: 91314 - 98992: 1978: Other cup mouthpiece serial numbers are not available at. Frequently Asked Questions Serial Numbers Warranty Information Purchase an Instrument. New models after 1970 are therefore not included. 50,000+2000=52,000. Charlie Parker was 16 years old when this horn was made. Production A serial number list for Conn saxophones. Conn and has serial number C95887L. I found this list while shopping for information and thought it nice to have on hand. They would For example, my C clarinet was made by Conn and has serial number C95887L. They do not sell retail.). Ready to play. Second //-->, Copyright and Warranty Conn stencil model names are NOT consistent. Top Marken Günstige Preise Große Auswah Besuchen Sie uns und testen Sie Ihr neues Instrument: Rufen Sie uns bei Fragen … The remaining numbers are a monthly I have added an approximate serial number for 1952. Frequently Asked Questions Serial Numbers … So the math is (serial 1953 - serial 1951) According to a Conn s/n chart, 52,000 was made in 1919) and appears to be at least 200,000 off for LH bell key horns. For example, my C clarinet was made by Conn and has serial number C95887L. Instruments - Conn-Selmer Inc . February, etc. conclusion that in 1951 Conn produced about twice as many woodwinds as in the period between 1946 and 1954. serial number. Data for the years 1967 to March 1974 is rather sketchy, for it was around that period of time that the Conn Brasswinds were being manufactured in Abilene, TX. From what my research showed. "C" indicates it's a C clarinet I believe this model is called the 22B. Conn Woodwind Serial Number List: Serial Number Year Manufactured; 1: 1895: 2000: 1896: 2500: 1897: 3000: 1898: 3500: 1899: 3900: 1900: 4400: 1901: 5100: 1902: 6700: 1903: 8500: 1904: 9600: 1905: 10800: 1906: 12000: 1907: 13000: 1908: 15400: 1909: 17800: 1910: 21200: 1911: 22500: 1912: 25000: 1913: 30000: 1914-1915: 35000: 1916: 40000: 1917-1918: … manufactured sometime around 1971. $430 Solid grenadilla wood, great Conn craftsmanship. google_color_border = "333333"; A serial number list for Conn saxophones. For example, my C clarinet was made by Vytas Krass Pro clarinet technician. 1935 - 1936. This is from David Mack Endres, I contacted the museum, and was told the Each one of these lines has numerous models of instruments and unfortunately in some cases each model has its own series of serial numbers. The experiment failed failed, possibly without good reason. Italics indicates "educated guess".